Eurycaulis derryi (Ridl.) M.A.Clem. 2003

Describe first time by Derry`s a English Director of Singapore Botanical Garden 1900 with collected specimen from Larut Hills, Perak. Holttum mentions its possible occurence at Bukit Fraser. Named as Dendrobium derryi. Recently, after new orchid research moved to genera Eurycaulis and named as Eurycaulis derryi.

Photo Eurycaulis derryi below taken by Keladu Senja. Specimen collected from forest at Kelantan, near Bukit Fraser and not too far from border line with Perak.

Eurycaulis derryi from Kelantas, at border line area near Perak,

Homotypic Synonyms:
  • Dendrobium derryi Ridl., Mat. Fl. Malay. Penins. 1: 52 (1907).
  • Pedilonum derryi (Ridl.) Rauschert, Feddes Repert. 94: 459 (1983).
  • Eurycaulis derryi (Ridl.) M.A.Clem., Telopea 10: 286 (2003).

Eurycaulis derryi  flowering at old stem as its characterictic

Peninsular Malaysia
42 MLY
There is no report accepted by KEW this orchid found out side Penilsular Malaya.

The blade with V shaped thickening, the raised and grooved point towards the blade at the junction of the blade and the claw

Pseudobulb epiphyte

Flowering with anther orange

Flower :
Flowers solitary or in pairs. Pale yellowish. Lip white anther orange. Mentum 1 cm long. Dorsal sepal about 9-10 by 4-5 mm. Petals about equal to the sepals. Lip without side lobes. The blade 7-8mm wide, the end broad and cleft, with a V shaped thickening, the raised and grooved point towards the blade at the junction of the blade and the claw. (The O. Pen. Ml. and Sg : 370, 1992)

Eurycaulis derryi flowerng with color pale yellowish. Lip white

Plant :
Stems to about 25 cm long. Leaves to 10 by 2 cm, 2.5 cm apart. 

Eurycaulis derry plant,

Original description :
Publish at Material Flora Malaya Peninsula I page 52 at year 1907

Lip illustration:

Eurycaulis derryi , flowers solitary on the old stem.

Similarity but different species :
There are a few flower orchids look similar with this species, you can read about this species with click on the picture in table.

Eurycaulis groeneveldtii
Eurycaulis derryi
Peninsular Malaya
Eurycaulis cinereum

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