Dipodium parviflorum J.J.Sm., 1911

Dipodium parviflorum J.J.Sm., Bull. Dép. Agric. Indes Néerl. 45: 22 (1911)-Holttum 1953:509

Habit of Dipodium pictum. Inflorescences longer, with about 18 flowers. Sepals and petals 13-14 mm long, dull medium yellow with crimson blotches on both surfaces. Sepals concave, boat-shaped, 6 mm wide when flattened. Petals slightly concave. Lip 12 mm long, 3-lobes from the base, side lobes nearly white, narrow, lying close to column and little longer than it, with rounded ends, mid lobe 9 mm long, hardly 4 mm wide, tip acute, edges somewhat reflexed, upper surface alomost cover with white hairs between side lobes at the base.

Originally dicribed from plant cultivated at Bogor (Buitenzorg) java; Only know in Malaya a collection from Sungkap forest reserve, near Sungai Patani, Kedah.
(The orchids of peninsular Malaysia and Singapore By Gunnar Seidenfaden, Jeffrey J. Wood, Richard Eric Holttum, page 555).

Our specimen below collected from Kampung Kupang Kedah, by Keladu Senja. This is very special collcetion, because there is no photo Dipodium parviflora before origin from Peninsular Malaysia for public, this is endemic one.

Dipodium parviflorum

Dipodium parviflorum

Lip of  Dipodium parviflorum

Inflorescences longer, this specimen with about 20 flowers

Plant c. 3 metres
Pen. Malaysia (Kedah)
42 MLY

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