Bulbophyllum trichoglottis Ridl., 1909

I really happy when to see photo this orchid. So the lost ID orchid from Peninsula Malaysia be able recovery soon. This specimen often labelling as B. hirtulum, but it is wrong, they labelling due just have a little bit similarity and same section from Bulbophyllum section Hirtula. Thanks for Mr. Ahmat Mamat to allow use his photo for determining the right ID. He collected specimen from Perak.

References :
Basionym in J. Fed. Malay States Mus. 4: 66 (1909)

Distribution :
Endemic Peninsula Malaysia

Varieties sepals, petals and lip, in Bulbophyllum section Hirtula
Bulbophyllum trichoglottis var. sumatranum J.J.Sm., 1920Bulbophyllum trichoglottis Ridl., 1909
Endemic in Sumatra
Endemic in Peninsula Malaysia

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thanks Tun Jang for the corrected ID, var sumatranum looks weird!

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