Cleisostoma Blume

This large genus of small-flowered orchids is widely distributed from India, through S.E. Asia, New Guinea, the Pacific islands and Australia. The genus until recently has been known as Sarcanthus Lindl. but L. Garay in 1972 has shown that Sarcanthus is a later homonym and is also predated by Cleisostoma.

Derivation of genus name: 
From the Greek kleistos (closed) and stoma (mouth) the genus was first published in 1825 by C.L. Blume. The genus name refers to the allusion to the calli which almost block the mouth of the spur.

Characteristics of genus: 
Small to medium-sizes epiphytic plants.

Number of species in Peninsular Malaya: 

Species of this genus can be found in the tropical lowland forest

Conservation Status: 
not known

 List of Cleisostoma in Peninsular Malaya

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